Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bonsoir Montreal

From the Omni Hotel in Montreal.

Sometimes you get the pleasure of working all day, only to spend another half day traveling. This afternoon I began a 30 hr. odyssey to Montreal, passing through Philadelphia, the east coast's very own mini O'Hare both ways. It is my 2nd 1-day visit to Montreal in the past 7 days.

Like in the US, Canada has local elections coming up. Unlike US yard signs that feature some sort of stylized text, often in a combination of red, white and blue and accompanied by stars and swooshes, the Canadian signs feature glossy head shots of the candidates.

Montreal, and the Province of Quebec are peculiar. Because of laws designed to protect their French-speaking heritage, you see brand names translated that are not translated anywhere else. Kentucky Fried Chicken goes from KFC to PFK, Poulet Frites de Kentucky.

I'm bunked down tonight at the Omni on Sherbrooke in a room on the 26th floor overlooking McGill University and the Mont that gives Montreal it's name. A far cry from the Sun Suites Studio on the side of the highway where I slept in Houston last week.


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