Thursday, November 03, 2005

One Day In Canada

Montreal. This morning I scraped myself out of bed, downed a cup of coffee pulled on my running shoes and ran...up. Up the hill through McGill University to Parc Royal (an Olmstead park, I think). The ascent continued with tremendous views of downtown and the Saint Lawrence River, framed by trees full of autumn color. The best part of running up hill of course is turning around and running down. What was a 25 minute run up was abut a 20 minute decent.

I forgot my dark socks, so I had to endure an entire day of meetings distracted by my bright white socks.

My Clients in Montreal are very good people with whom I share a lot in a lot I mean they have kids that are roughly the same age. One even has daughters aged 3 and 18 months that dressed as fairy princesses for Haloween.

After a full day of work and an $80 cab ride through Montreal's rush hour traffic, I'm tapping this out at "Le Bar Sportif" in the newly opened Trudeau terminal. The big game tonight is thw Lightning vs. Ottawa Senators.

By the time this gets posted I will be in Philadelphia, where I will be able to get e-mail for the 1st time today and call gsully. By the time I hit the door in Pittsburgh tonight it will be 1AM. - the kids get up at 6.


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