Monday, October 31, 2005

The Costumed Fan...

It's Haloween and the crazies will be at Heinz Field tonight for the Steelers and the Ravens (appropriate that a team aligned with Edgar Alan Poe plays on Haloween).

If you're going to the game, and plan to dress up (and after all don't most fans wear some costume to football games), please keep in mind the following guidelines designed to take the joy out of -- I mean protect the saftey of all fans.


    • The Pittsburgh Steelers encourage a fan friendly environment where both adults and children can dress up for Halloween and cheer on the Steelers.
    • Costumes must be in good nature and not offensive or discriminating.
    • Masks and props will NOT be permitted; face painting is permitted.
    • Costumes must not impair another fan's view or enjoyment of the game.
    • Clothing must fit within the boundary of an individuals ticketed seat location, no storage of costumes will be permitted.
    • PSSI Stadium Corp. and Heinz Field reserved the right to refuse admission to any person whose costume does not comply with these guidelines or poses a danger to other fans.


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