Monday, October 17, 2005

Sully and Bruschi Are Back

The last 10 days had us gasping for breath...and away from the blog for a little bit.

I've been on vacation. GSully and I were in San Diego to visit old friends and cheer on the Steelers on Monday Night Football. A great time with great friends.

I've been working. Heads down buried on an interesting and difficult project, working hard to get the content exactly right. I've also been down to Alpharetta, GA for a team training session with some great colleagues.

I've been running (a little). All the travel notwithstanding, I did complete the 2nd of 3 - 20 mile runs before jetting to San Diego. Unfortunately, that was the last time I ran before ripping off a 13 mile and a 6 mile run over the weekend. Everything seems on track, runs were comfortable and injury free with 4 weeks to go.

I've been raising money. More donors sending more money. Great assistance from family and friends out beating the bushes. Checks rolling in. Looking forward to updating the totals.

In the mean time, hears an update on Tedy Bruschi, who may be returning to the Patriots this season after all, returning to the practice field this week.

More later...Sully.


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