Tuesday, August 21, 2007

United Untied

I hate traveling on Monday.

My reward for getting up at 4:10 Eastern to make a 6 AM to ORD? An "indefinite" mechanical delay that would cause my 7:10 AM connection to SFO to take off at....well, maybe we'll know more at 8.

So I go to the C Concourse Red Carpet Club and call the 1K desk to rebook. An 8 AM 1 stopper through Phoenix that will get me in at 12:30. Walk over to B. Long line at gate B5. Go to B Concourse Red Carpet Club, get boarding pass.

7:40 comes...no plane at B5. Announcement -- my original flight will leave at 8:10. Back to RCC. Get back on original flight. Now have middle seat. Go to C15. Finally board for 8:20 departure. Push back from gate...sit on the tarmac for more than an hour.

Finally get in the air...foot odor...nasty foot odor, can't find the source foot odor for 3+ hours.

Arrive SFO. Go to Avis. My name's not on the board. Line at the preferred counter more than 15 deep.

Tell me why I don't like to travel on Monday's again?



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