Thursday, May 10, 2007

How much do you think IBM Spends on energy?

IBM announced that it was going to allocate $1 billion in investment on strategies andtechnologies to double the energy efficiency of their computer data centers. IBM, the world's largest operator of data centers, wants to double capacity without increasing the amount of energy expended. The benefit will not only accrue to IBM, but will become a service that IBM will sell to its customers.

IBM has a history of participating in environmental steward ship, but a $1 billion investment must have a return. I can only imagine how much IBM is already spending on energy and how much they expect the cost to grow for this program to be worthwhile -- not only as a conversation and spend management initiative but as a marketable service as well.

On another note...IBM has 53,000 employees in India, the largest country presence outside the US, mostly providing call center services.

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