Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Bob O'Connor I'll Remember

Out of thousands that had personal connection to Bob O'Connor, the Pittsburgh Mayor that lost a brief battle with brain cancer last Friday, mine is near the bottom, but this is how I will remember him.

During the summer's of 1994 and 1995 I worked as a ranger at Schenley Park Golf Course (my Caddyshack phase). On many summer afternoons as the sun would begin to set to a golden twilight, one of Pittsburgh's City Councilman would pull up to the course with his youngest son and quietly they would practice together in front of the clubhouse on the putting green. They enjoyed the game, and they enjoyed each other.

Now 12 years later, with young children of my own, it is that memory, far quieter and more personal than many, that I've been reflecting on. A memory that somehow taught a 21 year-old kid who was concentrating mostly on which bar he was going to that night a little bit about being a good dad. When I read in the paper that his funeral procession would pass the golf course, I knew that somebody else remembered that too.


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