Thursday, September 29, 2005

Less Than Seven Weeks To Go...


Thank you for supporting Gaylord Hospital and me!

With just under 7 weeks to go until the Harrisburg Marathon, the Stride Against Stroke campaign is off to a fantastic start.

So far 45 people from around the world have pledged donations. Pledges of support have been received from the Republic of Georgia, Italy, the UK, Japan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, Colorado, Tennesee, Illinois, Nebraska, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and New Mexico (and probably a couple of places I forgot). Along with financial support has come tons of moral support in the form of encouraging words, training tips and family stories from people who knew my grandfather, people whose loved ones have experienced stroke, neighbors, friends and even a couple of strangers. Ariba has agreed to match the donations of Ariba employees at the 50% level and 21 Aribians have pledged their support so far. As the pledges begin to roll in, I will update you on the amount that we've been able to raise.

To make your donation, just drop your check payable to Gaylord Hospital into the green business reply envelope (let me know if you need one), or mail your donation directly to:
Gaylord Hospital, Development Office, PO Box 400, Wallingford, CT 06492-9982. If you've already mailed your donation -- Thank you!

Many of you have visited Sully's Stuff to find out more about stroke and stroke rehabillitation programs and for updates on my training. Visitors to the site have learned how to spot a stroke and reduce their personal risk of stroke and read the rehabilitation stories of stroke victims like Cleo Hutton and Tedy Bruschi. The website is among the top returns for several stroke related blog searches and has been accessed from around the globe.

Finally, I want to update you on my training. This past Saturday, I completed the 1st of three 20-mile runs. With 7 weeks to go I am well positioned not just to finish, but to exceed my own expectations. This week I will surpass the 500 mile mark in training miles since I began building the base in April. If you see me in person often, you will not find it hard to believe that I've dropped about 25 pounds in that time.

If you haven't signed up to contribute, its not to late, just reply to me at I know we can get to more than 100 donors by November 13!

When I'm on mile 13 of 20 or taking the 1st step before the crack of dawn or on a rainy day...your generosity helps me take the next step. Thank you for your support.



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