Sunday, September 25, 2005

Running Update: 49 days to go..

I saw Pittsburgh yesterday. I passed Henry Clay Frick's house, Clayton on Penn Avenue. I did a quarter turn on Penn Circle and passed mansions along Highland Avenue. I lapped the reservoir in Highland Park and saw midget football at Peabody High School. I saw shopkeepers opening the shops on Walnut Street and Pitt Students preparing to cheer on the Panthers against Youngstown State. I ran along the outline of the Forbes Field wall. I saw charity walkers near the Schenley Oval wraping up their event, and flowers in front of the Phipps Conservatory. My stomach grumbled as I passed the line of diners waiting for pancakes at Pamela's and explored the trails of Frick Park. At the end of 3 hours and 20 minutes, I pronounced myself satisfied and the first of 3 20-mile runs complete. Just 49 days to go until the Harrisburg Marathon.

This week's running update:
  • Last week's training covered 42 miles in 6 workouts, including a 20 mile long run. Since the beginning of training, I've covered 491 miles in 101 workouts, an average of nearly 4.9 miles per workout.
  • This week's plan calls for 37 miles in 5 workouts with a long run of 13 miles.


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