Monday, September 26, 2005

Is your personality conducive to stroke? Take the test.

In the October 3 issue of Newsweek, Michael Craig Miller, M.D. writes this article about research on "Type D" personalities. Type D personalities combine "high 'negative affectivity' (worry, irratibility, gloom) and "social inhibition" (reticence, lack of self-assurance).

While the work of psychologist Johan Denollet is in its early stages, the results are worth thinking about:

"...Denollet's group administered an earlier version of the test to 300 people in a cardiac-rehabilitation program in Antwerp. Within 10 years, 27 percent of the Type-D patients had died -- mostly of heart disease or stroke -- compared to 7 percent of the others."

The article point out that being Type-D is not a mental illness, and that many people with these personality traits live happy, healthy lives.

To see if you are a Type-D, take an abbreviated version of Dr. Denollet's 14 question DS14 test here.


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