Thursday, September 22, 2005

Eyes On A Comeback: Tedy Bruschi, Stroke Survivor

When the Patriots come to town to take on the Steelers on Sunday, no one is really sure whether we'll see the Steelers that ended the Patriots record winning streak or the ones that sent themselves to the showers in the AFC Championship game. Missing from the Patriots defense will be #54 Tedy Bruschi who is sitting out the 2005 season while recovering from a stroke suffered shortly after playing in his first ever Pro Bowl earlier this year.

Earlier this month Bruschi was interviewed about his stroke and rehabilitation by Jackie MacMullan of the Boston Globe(free registration). In the interview, he describes his experience:
"...Honestly, early on I thought I was done. I can't see, I can barely walk. So I'm listening to my body and it's telling me, "Tedy, you can't do this." But now time has passed, and my body is saying, "Tedy, you've got a shot."

He has set his goal: to return to the Patriots lineup for the 2006 season, and to do that he is bring the same passion to his rehabilitation that he brings to the football field:

"I'm definitely playing next year. That's my ace in the hole."

Article: "Bruschi Plans To Play Next Year", September 2, 2005, Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe.


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