Sunday, August 14, 2005

Social Protesting monkeys

From the nationally syndicated Earthweek column:

"More than 100 large monkeys in southwest Bangladesh's Kushtia district refused to take food for several days as they mourned the murder of one of their troup, according to press reports. Forest officer of Kushtia, Towsiful Bari Khan, told the Xinhua news agency that a young man lured the victim into a cage with a banana, then beat it to death while the other monkeys looked on. The horrified simians broke branches and protested loudly as the man threw the monkey's body into a river. Kahn said that the surviving monkeys scoured the riverfor days without eating, in search of the victim's body."

Amazing. I have been thinking about how the role of the monkey and the man are transposed in this story -- with the monkey's showing the humanity. First there is the aggressive and senseless brutality of the man. Second there is the immediate and sustained protest of the other monkeys, and the absence of retaliation. Third, there is the search for their fallen comrade. Fascinating.

Here is a link to the Xinhua news agency story: "Monkey's fasting to mourn killing of their friend"


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