Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Russ Goes Camping...In The Backyard

Gretchen's e-mail to the family summed it up here it is...

Poor Justin agreed to "camp" with Russ in his child-size tent, thinking he'd probably decide to come inside when it got dark, but not wanting to discourage him when he decided it was pretty cool to sleep outside. At first Russ was nervous about not having his Blue's Clue's music, but then decided that the bugs made great music. He fell asleep by 9 pm and would have stayed their all night, but it was hot and cramped for Justin, so he carried him inside at about 10 pm. In the morning, Russ was so disappointed not to wake up in the tent that we wound up lying and telling him it started to rain so we brought him in. He was so proud and can't wait to do it again. Anyone know where we can get a cheap tent big enough for Justin's feet?


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