Saturday, August 06, 2005

Music Picnic #4: Steep Canyon Rangers

Last night was the first friday in August, so we packed up Panera Bread sandwiches, some cheese and bread and a bottle of Meridian Pinot Noir (an OK choice) (juice boxes for Russ, Syd, and Ty) and met our good friend B., B., J., C. and A. M. (who brought some yummy couscous salad) for First Fridays at the Frick for blue grass music by Chapel Hill, NC's Steep Canyon Rangers.

A humid, rainy day kept crowds down from last months record attendance, and we were able to experience the concert from the area between the cafe and the gift shop.

Steep Canyon's music was high energy and engaging, winning over the east end's wine and cheese crowd. With good humor and entertaining stories (they offered to stick around after the show to autograph cds and kiss female babies under the age of 80 -- a good move in Pittsburgh) moved from song to song, showcasing the bands combination of mandolin, banjo, mandolin, bass (bass player Graham Sharp wore "no socks and underwear to match" on stage last night -- a little too much information if you ask me), and fiddle.

Steep Canyon is making a name for itself in bluegrass and developing quite a following. Steep Canyon's newest CD, "One Dime At A Time" will be released September 13. If you'd like to get a listen the band's website,, and there's a free download at Amazon.


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