Saturday, August 13, 2005

Outnumbered 2 to 1

Today was the annual neighborhood blockparty for our deadend block in Regent Square. As usual, it was on the hottest, most stifling day of the year, but with a great and interesting bunch of people, it was still a great time. Suddenly, it seems children outnumber adults 2 to 1.

The party changed venues this year to a set of connected backyards at the top of the street. When our children were turning one, we had a birthday party there and the kids couldn't walk, couldn't talk, and barely interacted.

Now 4 years later, we've mostly all got more kids and more have moved into the neighborhood. They all can run around and play together -- water balloons, swings, sprinklers, baseball. There are lots of boys and girls, and who knows probably more on the way. Cookies and cupcakes go fast, as does lemonade (both regular and Mike's Hard for the big kids), and we all do a pretty good job drinking the cold beer too.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger gsully said...

Regent Square is a true gem of a neighborhood, where neighbors watch out for each other and actually still block off some streets once a year for a true block party. It has a “best of both worlds” feel to it, as it is nestled up against Frick Park, giving it access to some of the best trails near Pittsburgh, and yet still has great access to the Parkway East and the city. The streets are still made of brick, which makes for cars traveling at kid-friendly speeds. There are houses of all shapes and sizes and the people are some of the most friendly and interesting I have ever met. On our block alone, we have a marathon runner from South Africa, a robotics engineer, the former director of the Children‘s Museum, and an assistant Director of Recreation at Chatham College, to name a few. We consider ourselves very lucky to have stumbled onto such a great place to live.


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