Monday, August 08, 2005

Catching up…

I had a great surprise this weekend. Old-friend and F-16 pilot P.G. was in town with L. the woman in his life (she's pretty intense, training for the Monaco Half-Ironman Triathlon coming up in Spetember). It was great to catch-up on his travels and misadventures on the ski slopes of Europe and his upcoming return to San Antonio. Even better, it caused some good friends J. and V. C., D.D., M.L. and S.K. who live much to close to get together as infrequently as we do (last sighting of J. and V. C. was on a subway platform in Philadelphia after the U2 concert) to reconnect over a couple of cold beers to reminisce and talk about new adventures, careers, family, travel – car accidents.


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