Thursday, August 31, 2006

One day you're in...The next day you're AUF'ed

Among the cliches of "reality television" a contestant from Pittsburgh. Launched in Survivor season II Australia ("Baby Got")Outback, continued with Sarah "hand model" Kozer (whom my wife attended sleep overs with as a kid) and will continue in this fall's "Segregated Survivor" when University of Pittsburgh Law School alum "Becky" Lee goes all out for Team Asians.

Last night, the latest Pittsburgh connected reality show contestant was "auf-ed" from Project Runway. Angela Kesslar, born in Johnstown, now living in Aames, Ohio and contemporary of mine at CMU. Apparently the judges thought that whoever said she was an "arts and crafts macaroni gluer and not a designer" was right.

Angela attended CMU, a fact that I confirmed after Googling her based on some vague recollection of the name or the face. I don't remember if I ever actually met her, or if she was a name and face that somehow stuck out in the black and white blandness of the freshman pic-book to an eager and anxious teenage boy going to a school with 3 boys for every 2 girls (as my college years pre-dated

I do know that this connection made me slightly more sympathetic to the girl that didn't sketch and was always in a fight with somebody. Especially when that obnoxious guy with Detroit inked on his neck went after that nice Western Pennsylvania mom.


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