Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fanaticos de los Steelers

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I picked up this Spanish Language cheer card for the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday at the PNC Bank Headquarters branch in downtown Pittsburgh. In contrast to other cities, the sight of Spanish language signs and marketing materials is still very rare in Pittsburgh. For many, this is a sign of a lack of vibrancy and a symptom of the lack of migration to the Pittsburgh area over the past 7 years.

For a brief time last season, the Steelers had a Spanish language section of their website - espanol.steelers.com. A visit to the site today brings up the ordinary home page, but you can still read "El Presidente" Art Rooney and "Director General" Dan Rooney's welcome letter here. (How do you say 'n at in espanol?). Previously the team had discussed Spanish language brodcasts and highlighted the fact that Pittsburgh's metropolitan area is 154th in the US for hispanic population, and that 13 NFL teams currently offer Spanish language radio broadcasts.

Slowly but surely spanish is creeping into the things we see in Pittsburgh every day (like the Giant Eagle ads in the City Paper), but seeing something like this in downtown Pittsburgh is still surprising and mysterious. And if you want to talk to PNC in Spanish, just call 866-Hola-PNC, seriously.


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