Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Out-Landis-ness!

Maybe the guy that said "We are disappointed with the lifestyle he lives, but I love him as a friend and care about him." was on to something.

Floyd Landis apparently has a little extra testosterone in the tank for Stage 17 last Thursday. If Stage 17 doesn't ring a bell, it is the stage to Morzine where Landis moved from being more than 8 minutes behind in 11th place and ended up 2nd, just 30 seconds behind, positioning him for the win.

Perhaps even more surprising is that it seems logical that he got caught only because whoever gave it to him, gave him just a little too much. The post-race test looks at the ratio of testosterone testosterone to epitestosterone in the body. Normally, its 1:1, and anything greater than 4:1 fails the test. Landis was 6:1.

Maybe that gives a little extra meaning to the "It was my only chance and we had no other options." comment in this post-stage interview:


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