Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wanted: Manager, Pittsburgh Native, Major League Experience A Plus..

We have a lot of talented people in Pittsburgh. In certain fields, more than our fair share. I don't think major league baseball managers is one of them. Cardiologists, yes. Information security specialists, yes. Lawyers, probably. Meteoroligists, every TV station has 5. Quarterbacks, I'll give it to you. Baseball managers? I'm not buying it.

After Lloyd McClendon's ( link while it lasts) firing this week as manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, speculation turned quickly to the identity of his replacement. Discussion did not focus on who the best available managers might be, but did focus pretty quickly on 1 pretty nichey category right away: experienced major league managers with roots or off season residences in Pittsburgh. Discounting Mt. Lebanon's Jim Leyland, our provincial lasers focused quickly on Shaler's Art Howe and Murrysville's Ken Macha, the current Manager of the Oakland A's.

I don't know if this is caused by a warped sort of civic pride, a desire to repatriate 'Burghers who have seen their greatest success elsewhere; or an internal concession that the Pirates are so hopeless that only somebody who grew up here and has some sentimental attachment would take the job.


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