Wednesday, September 07, 2005

TIAs -- Mini-Strokes

The Post-Gazette picks up January Payne's Washington Post article and interview with Chelsea Kidwell, medical director of the Stroke Center at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C.. on transient ischemic attacks, "TIAs." TIAs occur when temporary bloodflow blockages occur in the brain causing temporary stroke symptoms such as inability to speak, confusion, or experiencing difficulty seeing. The primary difference between a TIA and a full-blown ischemic stroke is that symptoms experienced during a TIA may be less extreme and are temporary, lasting less than 24 hours.

The article includes a diagram illustrating both the cause and impact of TIAs and full strokes on the brain.

According to the article, Coretta Scott King experienced 2 TIAs prior to her August 16th stroke, and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada also recently experienced a mini-stroke. Recently, British researchers have found the liklihood of a stroke within 7 days of a TIA "highly predictable."


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