Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Running Updates

Back from a busy weekend that included running and camping (more on that later). Here are a few quick updates:
  • Last Week's Mileage - Last week's total mileage was approximately 26 miles, with Saturday's long-run a down week, 10 miler. This was a 3 mile reduction from the previous week, which included a 13 mile long run. Total mileage since the beginning of training is approximately 324 miles, accumulated on 75 individual runs, an average of 4.3 miles per workout.
  • Planned Mileage - This week's planned mileage is 31 miles, including a 15 mile long run. This week's long run will be on Sunday so GSully can do Run Around The Square on Saturday and I can run the fun run with R, T and S.
  • Heinz 57 -The Harrisburg Marathon is assigning bib numbers as registrations are received. Perhaps a sign of good things to come, my bib number is a very Pittsburgh (Heinz) 57.
  • New Shoes - At GSully's insistance, drove out to Fleet Feet (crossing a river mind you) to get fitted for some new shoes. Turns out my trust Size 13 New Balance trail running shoes were both a little heavy and more importantly a little small. After an expert fitting, I'm now running in Adidas Supernova, Size 14, supplemented with some extra cushioning for my 237 lbs. I get more room in the toe box, which should result in fewer blisters, and a snug fit around the arch. The trail shoe had a very hard, rigid heel, which gave an added sense of security...I miss that a little, but so far the new shoes are great and should take me to the finish line in November.


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