Monday, May 16, 2005

Uno, dos, tres, quatorze!

Last night Gretchen and I rocked through a great performance by U2 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. U2 hit songs from Boy to Bomb - conspicuously absent, Zooropa and Pop. Highlights included an acoustic Running to Stand Still and Elevation, with the final notes of the night from an appreciative (if aging) crowd chanting "how long to sing this song" from '40.'

The evening began with a great meal at Cuba Libre on 2nd Street with Ben and Renee. The Cuban food and ambiance were fantastic. We all felt like we could sit and drink their fabulous mojitos all day.

The odd moment of the entire evening occured after the concert in the Philadelphia subway at Broad and Locust when we bumped into our friends John and Vicki who live in our neighborhood in Pittsburgh. We seem to never see them there. They too could not wait for U2 to come to Pittsburgh in the fall.


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