Monday, May 23, 2005

Bad Ball Good Day

This weekend's main event was taking in the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. The Colorado Rockies at PNC Park on Sunday with Gret, Syd and Russ. We had a great day, but it was a horrible game.

The Pirates lost 4-3, but it didn't seem that close. Joe Kennedy with an ERA over 8 gave up something like 3 hits through the first 8 innings. The Rockies scoring rallies included such gems as scoring on a dropped fly ball by Pirate CF Tike Redman and on a hit batsmen by P Josh Fogg. The highlight of the entire game was probably a great 3-6-3 double play in the 4th by Daryle Ward and Jack Wilson.

In the perogie race Cheese Chester won on Oliver Onion Bobblehead day.

That being said there is no better place to see a game than PNC Park on a beautiful day, with the city skyline in CF and the river running behind. An insider's tip is to sit in the "Pirate's Cove" a small section of the club level that was never finished and is sold as regular seating. Tickets are $16 vs $47 in the next session and you almost have a private concourse and personal concession stand.

Russ and Syd had a great time. They looked forward to going to the game all weekend. Russell has been working on his batting stroke in the backyard, and he does pretty well considering he's never hit off a tee, and his #1 coach (me) could never really hit either. He looked handsome in his new baseball outfit with "his number" 4. Sydney was in perfect voice for a spirited rendition of take me out to the ball game during the 7th inning stretch. The menu for the game included Sprite, Cracker Jack's and ice cream and a long stop at the playground behind the right field stands.


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