Monday, May 16, 2005

Amazin' Grace

I've been meaning to comment on Uchenna and Joyce's win on The Amazing Race last week. The couple had been among the most giving teams competing, offering money to teams that lost everything after coming in last place and even assisting on challenges. This is in stark contrast to Rob and Amber, who continually passed on opportunities to assist others.

As the final leg began it appeared that Rob and Amber's world view would win out. Uchena and Joyce found themselves in last place with no money and the clothes on their backs. Perservering in the face of obstacles, they found the kindness and grace in others necessary to help them win.

Whether it was financial contributions at the airport, sympathetic cab drivers, or a pilot willing to pull back to the gate, Uchena and Joyces were rewarded in kind for the compassion they had displayed toward others earlier in the race.

What a testament to individual character when just steps away from victory and the fulfillment of financial dreams that they proceeded to ask strangers for money to pay their fare to the cab driver. This Amazing Race was truly won with Amazin' Grace.


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