Monday, February 11, 2008

Education City

The New York Times features a write-up on Qatar's Education City, which houses Carnegie Mellon's business and computer science programs in Qatar.

Our former Regent Square neighbors (we left, they didn't) just returned from a fall semester of living and working in Qatar that they captured in their blog Monroes Abroad. (Wait until you check out the house that they lived in!) It is an interesting read that captures some of the culture clash that you read about in the article.

I find the Education City model, and the participation of American Universities very interesting. It is kind of like the food court at your local mall. You know, the Orange Julius, a chinese place, a mexican place, a cheese steakery, a pretzel shop, but with universities and majors:

Carnegie Mellon offers business and computer science
Virginia Commonwealth offers fine arts (including fashion design, can't wait for Project Runway Qatar)
Georgetown offers foreign service
Cornell offers medical related majors
and Texas A&M offers engineering fields, including petroleum.

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