Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Catholics vs. Quakers

There are few things more emotional and more personal than local politics, football, and stadium deals. I've got one that combines all 3 from my travels.

When it came time to install new astro turf at Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium in New Philadelphia, OH (legendary Ohio State Football coach Woody Hayes was a New Philadelphia native), Tuscarawa Central Catholic, New Philadelphia High School and the City of New Philadelphia worked on a partnership. The partnership called for Central Catholic to pay $200,000 towards the cost of the renovation and for Central Catholic to play home games at the stadium (on Saturdays of course, because Friday Night Lights are reserved for the Quakers).

Well the whole deal unraveled because willing parties just couldn't agree. Rumor has it that the deal disintegrated it because the city and the high school objected to Central's painting of the home locker room and hanging of signs on the visitors side of the field. Central, feeling flush from a fundraising campaign, was able to take their ball and go home, pulling out of the deal to build its own athletic complex through the generosity of its alums. For a single season, they will share WHQS with the Quakers.

Hey, at least they didn't hire Dick Butkus to coach the team and star in a reality show about its season...hasn't anyone seen the Bad News Bears?


At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woody Hayes was not a native of New Philadelphia. His wife was from NP.


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