Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Slow news days are made for nostalgia, a look back at the important days of yesteryear. The 30th anniversary of Mr. T's Mohawk, the sesquicentennial of nowheresville, the 50th anniversary of the cure for boredom.

I've noticed something this year that makes me feel old. The core of the web seems to be 10 year old this year. The New York Times celebrated Amazon's 10th with an update on former Time Man of the Year Jeff Bezos' quest to make Amazon the Internet's Walmart. E-bay got a 90 minute love letter from CNBC for it's 10th, and was so important it was honored by C-Net during their celebration of their own tenth. Yahoo! looked back with a "Netrospective" on the Top 100 moments on the web (Dotcomguy -- where are you now?).

I'm not suggesting that the web is suddenly old...but remember your 10th birthday. You thought you had really made it, double digits. In reality, you were no longer the cute baby, not yet old enough to drive, drink or do your own taxes. In ten years, the web has gone from excruciating, crawling dial-up to wireless, broadband, 1 click ordering and has it's eyes on the car in the driveway.


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