Monday, June 27, 2005

Pull Over, I Have To Go To Work

Browsing through the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today, I found this article about people embracing life in a mobile home while at the same time working full-time. According to the article, this is becoming more popular, as baby boomers want to embrace the RV lifestyle, but can't afford to not have an income. The group even has their own hub on the web -- Workamper News -- that matches RVers with work opportunities, and is emerging as an itinerant source of seasonal workers at hotels, resorts and amusement parks.

In Free Agent Nation, Dan Pink talked about how they very idea of retirement would shift as baby boomers grew older, moving from a total stop to a mindset of working when you wanted to on things that you enjoy, powered by the internet. This emerging mass of gray haired itinerant RV workers represents a traveling version -- armed with job opportunities from the internet and a full-tank of gas in pursuit of the sun and open road.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Jason, Amy, and Sophie Orlando said...

Before heading out on the road you should check out the Al Brooks movie "Lost In America". It's a great look at RV life for those trying to get away from it all. Enjoy. JO


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