Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sweet Science & The Call of the Wild

We're in the middle of a fun and busy Memorial Day weekend. Friday, we went to the member's preview of "Candy Unwrapped" at the Carnegie Science Center. The exhibit is further proof that there is science in everything. In one exhibit, Russell and Sydney learned why you pucker. After scooping a piece of sour candy into their hands with a digger, they watched in the mirror as they unwrapped and ate the candy watching their "sour faces" come out, and learning that it is your bodies way of keeping you from swallowing poison. In another part of the exhibit they burnt off some extra energy by jumping up and down on a giant tongue (surrounded by giant teeth) touching the different elements of taste - sweet, sour, bitter and salty (no umami). As always no trip to the Science Center is complete without a couple of laps around the model train.

A rainy Saturday drove us inside for a family birthday party for cousin Nina to see the new movie Madagascar. When the lion, hippopotamus, giraffe and zebra from the Central Park Zoo get caught at Grand Central Station trying to escape to Connecticut via Metro North, they are shipped off and end up stranded on Madagascar. Everyone enjoyed the movie which has quite a few animated parodies of other movies (Planet of the Apes and American Beauty to name two) and a couple of very funny monkey's and a quartet of psychotic penguins. Sydney's review: "I like the tiger and the rhinoceros." Russell's : "I like the part in the zoo and the part at Grand Central."


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