Friday, July 21, 2006

The Small World...

Staying in touch with friends and groups is obvioulsy easier than ever with the internet, but an e-mail exchange on my CMU fraternity chapter really sparked my imagination for some reason.

The first e-mail said "I'm in London on business, is anybody else." The replies caused us to learn:

1. Another guy is in Pune, India after Thursday.
2. Another guy is Jerusalem until Monday.
3. There are more people in London who might be able to get together.
4. The guy in Jerusalem feels safe, despite world events.
5. Another guy was actually in Beirut, being evacuated to Cyprus and then going on to Jordan to study Arabic.
6. Our fraternity's return to our house on the CMU campus is not going as smoothly as planned.

That's 2 guys in London, 1 in Jerusalem, 1 in Pune, 1 in Cyprus on his way to Jordan, enabled by 3 more guys in Pittsburgh.

Me, I'm basically where I've been all summer: My Cubicle.


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