Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fraudulent Pittsburgher Alert

In Pittsburgh, we love to claim people as our own. We'll bend over sideways, if not backwords, to claim Wexford's own, Christina Aguilera, for example. We'll obediently read of accounts of Steeler Sunday's from Orlando, Florida to Honolulu, Hawaii (You know the ones: They roll out of bed at 5AM to drink real Iron City Beer, brought from the mainland in an outrigger canoe, all while wearing black and gold leis and making Primanti's Bros. sandwiches with fresh caught Ahi, don't you know. "There are just no jobs for surf instructors in the 'Burgh, otherwise, we would be back in a minute." says Duke, formerly of Crafton.).

Rarely does someone try to claim us though, -- until yesterday Carson Daly "came out" as a Pittsburgher in the Post-Gazette:

"I really love Pittsburgh. I have a radio show there. I played in the Mario Lemieux tournament there last year. Pittsburgh has really become a sort of second home to me. I mean, I love that city. I just think the world of that city."

I feel obligated to mention that Carson's radio show also is on in Albany, Albany-Schenectedy, Albuquerque, Anchorage, Augusta, Bangor...well you get the picture. He also complained about how cold it was going to be in New York City on New Years Eve. But Carson, if you're serious about the 'Burgh, I understand there's some condo's going up downtown!


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