Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A message from Sully's wife...

For those of you wondering, Sully has not gone AWOL; he's just been extremely busy. Since his last post, we have moved into a new house, and he has started a new job within Ariba, which so far has lined up about 8 countries in the next month or so which he is to visit. He is currently in Munich and will be off to Dublin within the next 24 hours. So, between unpacking boxes, assembling furniture, and celebrating 3 out of 5 birthdays in our family which occur within about 6 weeks of each other, he has been interviewing for, preparing for, and now implementing a global kick-off for a new position, as well as wrapping up the loose ends of the old one. I'm sure he will have many tidbits to share, and I know he won't let the Polamalu hair-pulling incident go un-blogged, but in the mean time, this quick and boring explanation from his wife, who is herself juggling 3 small children and the new house and bills to boot, will have to do!


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