Monday, May 09, 2005

A Mother of an Adventure

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the best adventures I've ever had in life have come after I became a mother. Since giving birth to my first child (an adventure in and of itself), I have hiked to the top of a cliff in Queenstown, New Zealand, only to jump off and parapent back down, riding the gusts of wind like a kite; I have hiked down to the lowest depths of the Grand Canyon and back up-- while pregnant with my third child, no less-- a round trip of 20 steep, high altitude, exhausting, but exhilerating miles; I have zip-lined my way from treetop to treetop in the Honduras jungle canopy; I have snorkeled with sharks and sting-rays in the warm, crystal clear Belizean waters; and most recently, as my husband mentioned, I have soared 3000 feet in a glider plane, dipping and turning, chasing the thermals, even taking hold of the controls myself. Not bad for a 30 year-old mother of three who never considered herself to be a thrill seeker!
But my kids are the real adventure; the real thrill of a life time. (They are a lot like the Grand Canyon climb; exhausting and exhilerating all in the same breath.) I realize now that I have participated in all these adventures, and will continue to do so, not just for myself, but also so that I can show my kids who I am and what I'm made of, and in turn what they're made of. There is nothing like seeing the pride in your 4-year-old son's face when you settle into the cockpit of a glider, or knowing that you are showing your 2-year-old daughter just how strong a girl can be. But it is my husband who sets the wheel in motion, always looking for another adventure, another challenge-- not just for himself, but for the whole family. I would not be half the mother I am without him to keep us all moving in the right direction. The four of them together are my inspiration, and I am honored that they are proud of me, as I am of them. My next goal is to run in my first race. I am definitely not a runner, so a 5k seems like a good place to start. I will be looking for my husband to guide me through it, and for my children to meet me at the finish line.


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